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Directed by José María Cicala

Laura Garland lost her husband on the war while she’s pregnant.
She lives in a big house which is divided in two. Government pursuits her claiming she must occupy the whole house, if she doesn’t, they will take it from her.
Laura leases the house to Ricky, an outlaw that will bring new trouble in her life. At least she has another plan.

  • New Zealand, Argentine
  • 2022
  • 100 min.
  • English


  • Araceli González
  • Miguel Ángel Solá
  • Fabián Mazzei
  • Griselda Sánchez
  • Mariano Martinez
  • Micaela Suárez
  • Roberto Peloni
  • Mónica Antonópulos
  • Rodrigo Noya
  • Luis Machín
  • Alfredo Casero


  • Drama
  • Thriller
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