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Bill Body

Directed by Gert Ludewig

Bill Body (aka Bill Body – Verrückte Welt des Sports “The Crazy World of Sports”) is a Swiss-German animated series that originally aired in 1992-1993. It was part of a whole toy franchise, Bill Body der “Super” Sportler (“Bill Body the Super Sportsman”) promoted in the chocolate Kinder products.

It centered on young and determinant sportsman Bill Body, who lives with his friends on Body Island, where all of the society is based on sports. Bill tries to master as many sports as possible, but his clumsiness, bad luck and over-confidence often get in the way.

Original Title

  • Bill Body – Verrückte Welt des Sports
  • Germany
  • 1992
  • 52 EPISODES / 14 min.


  • Cartoons/Animation
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