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Blood Fest

Directed by Owen Egerton

Fans flock to a festival celebrating the most iconic horror movies, only to discover that the charismatic showman behind the event has a diabolical agenda.

As festival attendees start dying off, three teenagers – more schooled in horror film clichés than practical knowledge about neutralizing psycho killers – must band together and battle through various madmen and monstrosities to survive

Festivals & Awards

Edinburgh International Film Festival 2018 – Official Selection

Frightfest 2018 – Official Selection

Neuchâtel International Fantastic Film Festival – Ultra Movies

Fantaspoa 2018 - Mostra competitiva Internacional

Frightfest 2018 – Cineworld

SXSW 2018

Cleveland International Film Festival 2018 – Official Selection

The Overlook Film Festival 2018 – Official Selection

Fantasy Film Fest 2018

Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival 2019


Original Title

  • USA
  • 2018
  • 90 min.
  • English


  • Zachary Levi
  • Robbie Kay
  • Seychelle Gabrielle
  • Tate Donovan
  • Jacob Batalon


  • Horror
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