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Circle Of Fear

Directed by Aldo Lado

Before becoming the award-winning producer of such films as Farinelli il Castrato and Marquise, Italian filmmaker Aldo Lado was best known as the director of such exploitation films as the notoriously brutal L’Ultimo Treno della Notte and the popular giallo Chi l’Ha Vista Morire? His last major thriller, directed under the pseudonym George B. Lewis and co-scripted with Robert Brodie Booth and the prolific Dardano Sacchetti, is a peculiar attempt to blend elements of the classic Italian thriller with those of the Mafia poliziesco actioner. Michael Woods stars as Tony Giordani, a narcotics agent who learns that his wife has been murdered while he is recuperating from an attack by a mysterious stranger. His boss (Philippe Leroy) thinks it’s a Mafia vendetta, but Tony follows the clues to an empty house which his wife had been photographing on the day of her murder. There, he finds a burned corpse and several clues leading to the Full Moon Killer, who has been decapitating prostitutes around the city. The owner of the house is an insane countess (Annie Girardot), whose escape from an asylum leads to yet another murder. Before long, Tony and his partner, Lisa (Kay Sandvik), with whom he is engaged in a passionate affair, find themselves targeted for murder unless they can solve the case.

Original Title

  • Italy
  • 1992
  • 100 min.
  • English


  • Michael Woods
  • Kay Rush


  • Action
  • Thriller


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