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Criminal Milan

Directed by Chiara Battistini, Paolo Bernardelli

Milan, between 1970 and 1984, is ugly, dirty and bad. It is not just a city, it is the best place to learn a life of CRIME.

The capital of Fashion, Design and Finance was, only a few decades before, one of the most dangerous cities in the world? Shootings, kidnappings, attacks and settling of scores are the order of the day, a battlefield on which bandits, cops and storm reporters move. Our story begins here.

We get to know the Kings of Milan: Francis “angel face” Turatello, Renato “the handsome Renè” Vallanzasca, Angelo “the Theban” Epaminonda. Over the course of  fifteen years, these three characters will go to war with each other, then they will become allies, creating a fraternal friendship by making blood pacts to each other only to betray each other once again.

We will get to know  the last three survivors of the “Banda della Comasina ”, the undisputed protagonist of the news that has become history and, in part, a myth. But for iron criminals, cops and steel magistrates are needed and so to defend Milan, we  will meet the Statesmen involved in bringing these men to justice.

In the background, the student movements of 1968, the Red Brigades, the Aldo Moro kidnapping, the strategy of tension, Craxi, the state massacres.

We will hear  for the first time, many secrets carefully kept hidden until today.

The Milan we describe is a city where everything has a false color, where the border between right and wrong, cop and outlaw, is as blurred as a blade of light.


Authors: Salvatore Garzillo, Luca Matarazzo, Alan Maglio

Production: Sky Italia

Original Title

  • La Mala - ultimi banditi a Milano
  • Italy
  • 2022
  • 5x50 min.


  • Documentary
  • Truecrime
  • TV Doc Series


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