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Earth Protectors

Directed by Anne de Carbuccia

As a leading environmental artist, Anne de Carbuccia has for the last decade artistically portrayed and documented human-caused threats to the planet, including drought, plastic oceans, species extinction and endangered cultures. Her feature-length documentary, Earth Protectors, addresses our need to adapt as a species to the Anthropocene: the new era in which the impact of humans overwhelms natural cycles with fires, floods, pollution, super typhoons and a deadly virus that has paralyzed the world. On her expeditions around the world creating her art installations, Anne meets a new generation of women and men who are working to save our planet, and is inspired by their commitment and their achievements. Her narrative recounts the stories and the diversity of these young protagonists whom she calls “Earth Protectors”.

  • USA, Italy
  • 2022
  • 96 min.
  • English, Italian, Spanish


  • Documentary


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