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La Peccatrice

Directed by Pier Ludovico Pavoni

Debra arrives in Sicily with her boyfriend Turi. As soon as they arrive, the women of the village do not welcome her into the community, giving them to the witch, especially because of the black color of her skin and her great beauty. The “Turk”, master of the sulfate and therefore powerful local who likes beautiful women and does what he wants, burns with desire for Debra. The jealous wife wants to end her husband’s extramarital affair and for this she calls her son Michelino to Rome to study. Unfortunately Michelino falls in love with Debra, giving rise to a conflict with his father that will end only with the death of Debra, stoned by women in the country. The wife of “Turco”, who participated in the stoning of Debra, seeing her son’s suffering in finding his beloved dead, falls to the ground suffering from compassion.

Original Title

  • Italy
  • 1975
  • 95 min.
  • Italian


  • Zeudi Araya Cristaldi
  • Franco Gasparri
  • Clara Calamai


  • Erotic


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