Minerva Pictures International

Largo Baracche

Directed by Gaetano Di Vaio

The Spanish Quarter in Naples is a maze of alleys, squares, Baroque churches, and the “bassi”, the poor, teeming residential area behind Via Roma, the main thoroughfare. Yet the quarter is culturally far removed from the heart of the city: it’s a world of its own, in which the young people spend their days looking for something lift them out of their condition. Their lives are punctuated by the sounds of gunshots that echo in their memories and those of their loved ones. Carmine, Giovanni and Mariano are kids who are the product of this social fabric woven of crime and poverty. They share a common need to release their own pent-up energy beyond the confines of their own ‘hood.

Original Title

  • Italy
  • 2014
  • 70 min.
  • Italian


  • Carmine Monaco
  • Giovanni Savio
  • Mariano di Giovanni


  • Documentary
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