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Directed by Valerio Mastandrea

​A woman and her ten-year-old son deal, in their own way, with the death of the husband/father, who died at the factory where he worked, while all around them the anticipation and concentration grow as everyone awaits the day of the funeral.

The surprising first film directed by Valerio Mastandrea, a spaced-out and original drama, recounted like a comedy, which changes focus and register and toys with naturalism and surrealism. Laughter and emotion, no tricks or facile shortcuts.

Festivals & Awards

Festival du Cinema Italien de Bastia 2020: Compétition

Viva il Cinema! Journées du film italien de Tours 2020: Panorama

Annecy Cinema Italien 2019: Prima

BIF&ST – Bari International Film& Festival 2019: Italiafilmfest

Denver Film Festival 2019: Italian Showcase

Italian Film Festival in Scotland 2019

Moscow International Film Festival 2019: Main Competiton - Silver George for Best Director

Open Roads: New Italian Cinema 2019

Tokyo Italian Film Festival 2019

Villerupt Italian Film Festival 2019: Compétition - Amilcar du Jury Jeunes

Turin Film Festival 2018: Torino 36

Sudestival 2019

Fajr Film Festival 2019

Fiesta, Festival del Cinema Italospagnolo a Palma de Mallorca 2019

Manaki Bros. Film Festival 2019


Original Title

  • RIDE
  • Italy
  • 2018
  • 90 min.
  • Italian


  • Chiara Martegiani
  • Stefano Dionisi
  • Milena Vukotic
  • Renato Carpentieri
  • Arturo Marchetti


  • Drama


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