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Paolo The Hot

Directed by Marco Vicario

From his youth, Sicilian baron Paolo Castorini, is as attracted to women as they to him. He also feels dissatisfied with a life only of the body, compared to his journalist friend Vincenzo and his own father, a serious thinker. When his father is on his deathbed, Paolo learns of syphilis in the family and something of the curse of dissolution. Some years later, he resolves to marry Katrina, the pure daughter of the woman he should have married. He wants her purity to redeem him so he can make something of his life. But is it too late?

Original Title

  • Paolo il Caldo
  • Italy
  • 1973
  • 104 min.
  • Italian
  • Available in Full HD


  • Giancarlo Giannini
  • Gastone Moschin
  • Ornella Muti
  • Adriana Asti


  • Comedy
  • Drama
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