Minerva Pictures International


Directed by Davide Cosco

Paul is an actor in crisis, left by his wife, challenged by his son, tired of a life which he has tried to end several times along with a grotesque attempt to give an ending to his unfinished play at all costs. Attracted by feelings and art form more than ordinary needs, he has constant psychedelics visions that make his daily life complex. He is accompanied on his existential journey by Mario, his ironic and good-natured theater producer friend. Soon, in his home, which is also a true theatrical symbol, his son, Ernesto, a rebellious young saxophonist returns. Ernesto attends a church, led by Father Carlo who helps society’s marginal characters, he’s an alternative figure to what you would expect from a Clergymen who, despite his deep faith, combats the hypocrisy of human nature. At a distance we also see the life of Paul’s father and Ernesto’s grandfather, Francesco, seriously ill, and retired in an old house by the sea. Francesco no longer speaks with anyone, except through the voice messages left in the earphones of his nephew. Everyone, in a different way, tries to keep these fragmented and stretched existences together towards a dimension linked to imagination and the search for an elsewhere.

  • Italy
  • 2021


  • Massimiliano Rossi
  • Yari Gugliucci
  • Alessandro Haber
  • Giuseppe Amelio
  • Ksenija Martinovic


  • Drama
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