Minerva Pictures International


Directed by Carlo Luglio

A musical journey with Enzo Gragnaniello into the memory of “downtown” Naples, of its magical, mythological and historical places. But it is also an exploration through the city’s “uptown”, through its monuments and more lively areas, always punctuated by the realistic and dreamy performances of Gragnaniello with Sud Express, which are intermingled with asides with Neapolitan artists such as Tony Cercola, Marialuisa Santella, Enzo Moscato, Riccardo Veno, Franco del Prete and James Senese, and with the contribution of cinematographic stock images of post-war and 70s Naples.

Original Title

  • Italy
  • 2011
  • 60 min.
  • Italian


  • Enzo Gragnaniello
  • Tony Cercola
  • Maria Luisa Santella
  • Enzo Moscato


  • Documentary
  • Music
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