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Sugar, Honey And Pepper

Directed by Sergio Martino

Three episodes. First Valerio is mistaken for a notorious criminal. Very beautiful journalists succeed to bring him to her house for an exclusive interview. She tries to seduce him. Second. Guiseppe, an unlucky and ugly man, gets a job as a maid. His mistress falls in love for him. Third. Plinio is a taxi driver who loves his cab above all. But at one point he is involved with the kidnapping of a woman.

Original Title

  • Zucchero, miele e peperoncino
  • Italy
  • 1980
  • 110 min.
  • Italian
  • Available in Full HD


  • Edwige Fenech
  • Pippo Franco
  • Renato Pozzetto
  • Lino Banfi


  • Erotic Comedy
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