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Surprise Trip

Directed by Roberto Baeli

Michael (Ronn Moss) is a New York broker who, tired of the frenzy of Wall Street, gives up everything and moves to Puglia, where he bought a masseria. But when he arrives at his destination to take possession of his new home, he discovers that everything is not as it seems. Among a thousand ups and downs and hilarious situations, Michael clashes with a very particular local family headed by Don Antonio (Lino Banfi) and to complicate matters, he falls in love….

Production: Bros Group Italia & 11:11 Films International

Original Title

  • Viaggio a sorpresa
  • USA, Italy
  • 2022


  • Ronn Moss
  • Lino Banfi
  • Paolo Sassanelli
  • Mayra Pietrocola
  • Totò Onnis
  • Mirko Bruno
  • Fabio Cursio Giacobbe
  • Marit Nissen
  • Pietro Genuardi
  • Massy Pipitone
  • Gigi Mastrangelo


  • Comedy
  • Romance
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