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The Attraction

Directed by Mario Gariazzo

In Victor’s beautiful villa, Nadine, a beautiful girl appears to do a photo shoot, taking up seductive models covered only with a little underwear. After shooting the girls leave early, but Nadine remains: the landlord has challenged her to play chess and the mail of the match will be the same as Nadine, for Victor if he loses, there will be suicide. His wife, Luciana accepts the strange idea, because she loves him, who was also the lover of Valeria, the secretary. While Nadine plays with alternate luck – and this for three days – she relives past moments: not only the violence once suffered on the train during a trip, but also the intense passion for her husband, who is the same Victor, from whom she was separated. Valeria is aware of all this and informs Luciana who, upset, even thinks about suicide because the secretary was commissioned by a group of competitors from Victor (who aspires to the presidency of a European bank) to take compromising photos to blackmail him. Moreover, Luciana -Victor’s officially wife is actually the cohabitant and, when she started with him, ran a colossal ring of girls-rings. The conclusion is that Valeria is rethinking it and generously handing Victor the dangerous pictures she took, because she still loves him. As for the two players, between those who win and those who lose, love has the upper hand and so Victor and Nadine resume their life together.

Original Title

  • Italy
  • 1994
  • 81 min.


  • Florence Guérin
  • Marino Masé
  • Martine Brochard


  • Erotic


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