Minerva Pictures International

The Net

Directed by Domenico Emanuele de Feudis

In a cold and dark Sardinia, the crime of a very young girl hides a shocking reality.

Sante Moras, a former policeman, now a prison guard, is accused of a murder that he did not commit: a man, guilty of having tortured and killed a girl, is found dead during his shift in custody.

Forced to flee, and chased by the determined commissioner Tommaso Lago, Sante decides that the only way to save himself is to go all the way and seek the truth.

Thanks to the help of Fabiana Lai, a journalist following the case, he will discover some disconcerting truths: Sante is not the only one in danger, and he must act before other innocent girls are killed.

  • 2024
  • 95 min.
  • Italian
  • Available in Full HD


  • Luca Argentero
  • Cristiana Dell’Anna
  • Luca Pusceddu
  • Geno Diana


  • Thriller
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