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The Untold Story Of Lady ‘o’

Directed by Bruno Gaburro

Since Osvaldo is a wealthy landowner, his beautiful wife Maria is forced to live in the countryside. But some party with neighbors is certainly not enough to alleviate the dissatisfaction of hers.She has long lover, Alessio, a depleted man and hardened player. At one of the parties in question, the banker Tessa intervenes, who has every intention of taking Osvaldo’s vast property possession, as well as Claudia, an elegant woman whom Osvaldo has fortuitously met in the woods and rescued during a fall from a horse- in fact she is Alessio’s wife. But the presence of Claudia at the villa is not occasional: it is Tessa who has agreed with Alessio, so that in a gambling night Maria, an avid gambler loses a large sum to her and he makes her sign a paper for this debt. Alessio gives this paper to the banker against some money. Meanwhile Osvaldo and Claudia fall in love (and then meet in the inn of the nearby village). After a quarrel Alessio, since he obtained what most urged, wants to get rid of Mary, she holds a revolver: a blow starts, but she dies, while the lover flees. In the villa Osvaldo and Claudia are now free to live united.

Original Title

  • Maladonna
  • Italy
  • 1984
  • 85 min.
  • English, French, Italian, Spanish


  • Paola Senatore
  • Maurice Poli
  • Paola Corazzi


  • Erotic


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