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Until Judge Do Us Part

Directed by Antonio Fornari, Andrea Maia


Mauro, Paolo, Roberto and Massimo are four friends, all divorced. Massimo has just decided to kill himself because the judge deprived him of everything, forcing him to give a substantial allowance to his former wife.

Now he can barely afford a miserable apartment. His friends try to give him support, making sure he doesn’t try again to suicide. When it seems they succeed, a charming neighbour rings the doorbell with an unwelcome surprise.




Original Title

  • Finché Giudice non ci Separi
  • Italy
  • 2018
  • 90 min.
  • Italian


  • Luca Angeletti
  • Antonio Fornari
  • Augusto Fornari
  • Francesca Inaudi
  • Simone Montedoro
  • Daniele Monterosi


  • Comedy
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