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What A Feeling

Directed by Kat Rohrer

Marie Theres, a successful doctor, had special plans for her 20th wedding anniversary. Did her husband Alexander really have to break up with her
that evening? Yes, he had to. Not only did he have different ideas about the evening but also about his whole life: he wants to be happier, he wants to be free, he does not want Marie Therese in his life anymore. As a result of this unpleasant turn of events, Marie Theres does what any sensible woman in her position would do: she goes for a drink, stumbles into Bigi‘s queer bar and meets Fa.
Fa is fun-loving, spontaneous and unattached. She is open about her love life. Even though the very inhibited doctor isn’t Fa’s type, she still takes Marie Theres home after a boozy evening. Marie Theres however is too drunk to remember what they did or did not do.
As their worlds collide, feelings emerge but nothing is simple. There is no straight path for Marie Theres and Fa!


in collaboration with

Festivals & Awards

BFI Flare: London LGBTQIA+ Film Festival

  • Austria
  • 2024
  • 110 min.
  • German


  • Caroline Peters, Proschat Madani, Anton Noori, Gohar Nurbachsch, Nicole Ansari-Cox,
  • Allegra Tinnefeld, Heikko Deutschmann


  • Comedy
  • LGBT
  • Romantic
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