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Congratulations to GLASSBOY!

We are happy to announce that GLASSBOY, by Samuele Rossi, has been awarded at TALLINN BLACK NIGHTS FF with the ECFA Award, in the Just Film program.

The Jury, composed by  Mike Tait (UK), Mariella Harpelunde Jensen (Denmark) and Julia Fleißig (Germany), stated as follow:

“Of all the wonderful journeys we were taken on, one stood out for its exceptionally well-acted story of overcoming isolation and translating one individual’s feeling of ‘otherness’ to become accepted into a group of close friends. Despite a well-meaning but overprotective family, our central character is empowered to take control of their own path through life, and gradually his family learn to adapt together with him. For its rich characterisations in a beautifully designed world, and an engaging and well-written storyline featuring friendship, courage and freedom – the ECFA Award goes to … GLASSBOY.”

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